Sunday, October 24, 2010

Brant County Election Survey

Food not Sprawl
Vote October 25

Your elected representatives will decide on a number of key issues on your behalf. Will they represent your views?

We asked candidates questions based on two themes:

1) Protecting the ecology of our county : air and water quality, prime farmland and heritage buildings; promoting local food , waste diversion and sustainable transportation, and

2) Fostering democracy : banning corporate and union donations, enabling delegations to council, fostering more transparency at council and keeping sewer and water infrastructure public.

Read the replies:

Will our economic development be based on:
  • fostering Brant County as a “ food basket ” - building a local, healthy food economy OR on making Brant County a “garbage hub ” - accepting garbage and toxic materials from other communities?
  • How will farmers compete with the foreign land grab in Brant County? Will Brant become another Mississauga ?
  •  Will council protect our heritage one-room schools and community centres throughout the county?
  • Will council ensure that we do not accept “dirty industry ”?

Follow councilor's records. Here is a sampling:

Recorded vote on residential development of the Innes-Welton farms;
  • Councilors voting to protect prime farmland : : Powell, Atfield, Simons, Schmidt, Haggart and Gatward
  • Council or s voting for development on prime farmland : Eddy, Wheat , Hodge, Chambers, an d Coleman. [Mar3/09 ]

Restricting Delegations: we convinced council to defeat a motion from Councilor Chambers that would “restrict delegations that have a pp eared previously at Committee or Council meetings from speaking on the same issue”. Defeated. (Apr. 7, 2009 Council minutes).

Check out the candidates: We must be vigilant due to development pressure on our council. Ward 5 residents: Although your candidates have been acclaimed, you can still vote for Mayor.

Vote October 25, 2010

Sustainable Brant: We protect health, preserve farmland and our rural heritage buildings, and foster a local food based economy.

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